DailyUI # 010 | Share Button

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So this was a nice and easy one. Here is a simple share button with a quirky fold out animation. It wouldn’t have a lot of utility but you don’t get a ton of milage out of most unfolding share buttons. They are fun to play with though.


Man that is some janky animation.

Anyway, in most situations you wouldn’t want to use something like this. You’ll want something that can customize faster across your site. If you realize that Ello is getting some hot attention on your brand you want to be able to add it to the share menu without having to overhaul a complicated animation like this. Also, these get heavy for mobile users. Lasty, and this is a personal opinion, they eat up shared real estate in the window and that’s something I hate doing.

For a one or two page site, with static content and specific SN icons, something like this would be perfect.

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