DailyUI #008 | 404 Page

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So as you can guess, I’ve jumped on the #DailyUI bandwagon. I needed a little fun and a fast way to stretch the design muscles of late. Now as you can also guess, I’m starting at #008. Why? Because I got busy this week and missed the first 7. So I’ll be peppering the blog with 1-7 in my spare time.

For those of you wondering what the whole #dailyUI thing is about, here’s the rundown. You go to dailyui.co and add your email. Once you’ve signed up and verified your email, they will send you a different prompt every weekday for 100 days. Each prompt is a new UI task. You then post your result to Twitter or Dribbble using the hashtag #dailyui. So now that we have the gist, here’s my first entry.

Daily UI 008 was for a 404 page. I felt like doing something a little retro and fun because I’ve been a bit down of late. Hope this picks you up a little bit as well.


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