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So I said the other day that I entered a contest at Adobe MAX. It was the Cover Band competition by Cut and Paste and HP. It basically went like this:

  • Sign up and get partnered up with another designer
  • Meet back at the booth at a scheduled time to hook up with the partner
  • Use the HP Sprout to scan in objects and use the Adobe CC suite to create album or poster art for any album you choose
  • You have 30 minutes

So here is what my partner and I came up with.

Running with Wolves by Aurora

Running with Wolves by Aurora

Unfortunately we didn’t win. I can honestly say that it’s fine because the winner was a really great piece of design and I would have chosen them too. Check them out and all of the entries on the Cut and Paste site. 

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  1. So glad you enjoyed the contest. You and Ashley did such a great design! Let's do it again sometimes. :)
    • kovejadesign
      Thank you so much. It was really great. Ashley was great to work with and it was a highlight of my time there. Definitely in for the next one.

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